TV crime dramas coming to Sundance Now in June 2020

Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson - Liar _ Season 2, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Des Willie/Two Brothers Pictures/ITV/SundanceTV
Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson - Liar _ Season 2, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Des Willie/Two Brothers Pictures/ITV/SundanceTV /

Liar Season 2 is one of the TV crime dramas to watch on Sundance Now in June

The new month is almost here. That means looking toward streaming services for TV crime dramas to check out. Sundance Now definitely has you covered.

Acorn TV and BritBox are on the quieter side when it comes to TV crime dramas this month. Sundance Now is making up for that, with Liar Season 2 finally arriving, along with new episodes of Bad Mothers and more.

Not sure what to check out on the streaming services? Get a little overwhelmed with the full lists being released? Here’s the list of TV crime dramas to look out for.

Bad Mothers continues

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Throughout the month, there will be new episodes of the Australian series Bad Mothers. Sarah and Kyle start to unearth some secrets that could help to unravel the mystery behind Charlotte’s murder.

The finale will air at the end of the month. With weekly releases, you still have plenty of time to catch up.

Episodes are released on Thursdays.

Liar Season 2

Of course, the big release of the month is going to be Liar Season 2. Like Bad Mothers, it’s getting a weekly release. The premiere airs on June 4.

The season picks up three weeks after the first season finale, with Andrew’s body found. Now it’s time to figure out who did it and why.

The show airs weekly on Thursdays.

The Search for One-Eye Jimmy

Okay, so this is a film instead of one of the TV crime dramas, but it’s definitely worth the watch. Released in 1994, The Search for One-Eye Jimmy starts with a focus on film school graduate Les wanting to make a documentary about his old neighborhood. When he learns the community is grieving the disappearance of Jimmy Hoyt, Les starts an investigation into where Jimmy is.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper

Sometimes, you want a documentary. That’s what you get on Sundance Now with Tales of the Grim Sleeper. Nick Broomfield digs into everything known about the Grim Sleeper, a notorious serial killer in South Central L.A. whose crimes spanned over the course of 25 years.

Watch the documentary on June 9.

The Fall Season 1

If you missed it on Netflix, you’ll want to check it out now. Even if you saw it on Netflix, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to watch The Fall again. Only the first season is arriving this month but there’s a good chance other seasons will arrive during the summer.

Jamie Dornan plays a serial killer who becomes the mouse in a detective’s search. Gillian Anderson plays the female detective who has been called from London to Belfast to take down the serial killer.

Watch The Fall Season 1 on June 11.

The Bureau Season 5

We’re getting into a slight technicality here. The Bureau isn’t quite one of the TV crime dramas but a spy drama. Of course, spy dramas mean crime, so we think it counts.

The fifth season picks up eight months after Malotru’s alleged death by Russian separatists. However, Le Figaro publishes an article that says the CIA murdered him with DGSE’s approval. That leads to panic among the DGSE agents and all illegal immigrants.

Episodes will air weekly on Thursdays starting on June 18.

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What are you planning on watching on Sundance Now in June 2020? Which TV crime dramas stand out and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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