5 burning questions after Liar Season 2, Episode 2

Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson - Liar _ Season 2, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Des Willie/Two Brothers Pictures/ITV/SundanceTV
Joanne Froggatt as Laura Nielson - Liar _ Season 2, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Des Willie/Two Brothers Pictures/ITV/SundanceTV /

Keys and necklaces are items in our Liar Season 2, Episode 2 questions

Let’s take a look at Liar Season 2, Episode 2 in a little more detail. This is an episode that gives us a few clues as to what happened to Andrew, but also gives us some presumable red herrings.

The biggest question for Laura by the end of the episode is whether she can trust the people around her. However, we have other burning questions. Ones that leave us with more questions about Andrew’s actions in the weeks before his murder.

We may have got an answer to who killed Andrew. Although, this could be one major red herring and our suspect may just think he is guilty.

Did Carl kill Andrew?

It’s been on our minds since his introduction, right? This isn’t just a man who feels guilty that he didn’t believe Winnie was raped by Andrew. This is a man with a dark secret.

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It turns out that Carl has the boat Andrew was staying on. Oh, there are plenty of questions about how that boat got there, but the burning one is whether he actually killed Andrew or not. Is this another red herring?

Carl could have done something that makes him think he killed Andrew, but actually, someone else carried out the final stroke of the blade. Think of it a little like 13 Reasons Why when Zach Dempsey thought he was the one who caused Bryce’s death but there was someone else involved between Zach’s actions and Bryce’s push into the water.

How did Andrew’s car key get in Laura’s drawer?

Actually, there are a few questions involving Andrew’s car key. The biggest one is definitely how the key got in the drawer. Ian’s explanation of his fingerprint on it makes enough sense, but what was it doing there in the first place?

More importantly, how did Andrew’s blood get on it? The last we saw of the key, Katy picked it up off the floor. Did she think it belonged to Laura? Did she have something to do with Andrew’s death?

Will Ian be back?

Ian decided that he couldn’t be with a woman who didn’t trust him. I get that he was angry about Laura’s suspicions, but this is a woman who had been date-raped and is now accused of murdering the man. She’s going to be a suspicious person, especially when she’s adamant that she didn’t put the key in the drawer.

It’s almost like Ian is hiding something. Was he involved in Andrew’s death in some way? Did he team up with someone else to kill the serial rapist? I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of the guy.

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What happened to Laura’s necklace?

Andrew took one of Laura’s necklaces from her home. Initially, he wanted to kill her, but now it looks like he wants to frame her for something. Why else take a necklace?

So, what’s happened to that necklace? Where has it ended up and will it be traced by to Laura in some way? After all, a necklace like that could belong to anyone unless there’s photographic evidence that it’s Laura’s.

Is it possible that Andrew was planning on faking his death? He could have left Laura’s necklace to make her look guilty. Instead, something may have gone horribly wrong for him.

Will Katy get sober?

Katy is struggling with drinking. Her affair came out and now her ex-husband has taken the children. I don’t blame the guy and feel very little sympathy for Katy at the moment. However, it looks like she’s had the wakeup call she’s needed.

She almost crashed her car into a woman with a buggy. Fortunately for the mom and baby, she managed to stop the car in time. She then went home to clear out the alcohol and call someone for help. Will she get sober and was she somehow involved in Andrew’s death possibly without even remembering it?

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