Will Miles switch sides on Snowpiercer Season 1?

Snowpiercer - Courtesy of Justina Mintz/TNT
Snowpiercer - Courtesy of Justina Mintz/TNT /

Could Melanie brainwash Miles on Snowpiercer Season 1?

The more Layton and Josie find out about Snowpiercer, the more they want to break the system. They want to break down the barriers between the classes, but to do that, they need Miles in the Engine.

Miles has always been an integral part of the cause. He’s worked hard to become an Engineer. It looks like this is what’s going to happen, but Melanie has to have another plan in mind. Could she attempt to brainwash him knowing that he’s likely part of the Resistance? Will Miles switch sides and not help Layton after all?

This is going to depend on how much Melanie knows. She could play right into the Resistance’s hands.

Melanie wants to bring Layton out of the woodwork

Now that Layton is free from the drawers, Melanie has a huge problem on her hands. Her secret that there is no Wilford threatens to come out. Layton could tell far too many people, and with Third Class threatening to strike right now, there’s a chance they’ll believe Layton and rise up.

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Melanie needs to find Layton. She also needs to take action to protect the train. Building Miles up to be an Engineer could be the perfect way to do that.

She knows Layton cares about Miles. Manipulating Miles or putting him in danger could lead to Layton stepping down from his plans.

Could Miles choose the train?

Miles is moving into a dangerous position. As the promo for the next episode sees Melanie tell him, once he steps through the doors to the Engine, he can’t leave. There’s no way for him to get a message to Layton.

Or is there?

He could find a way to get messages around if there are enough people working with Layton. This is especially the case if someone from First or Second will team up with Layton. We already know there’s a network growing, which includes the doctor. Who else is on their side?

Yet, with Miles getting things from Melanie and clearly proving his worth as an Engineer, he could start to learn the secrets of the train. This is the time to learn more about how it’s powered and why it has to be so cold in the Tail. This is the time to learn that there is no Wilford and the intricate workings to keep passengers alive.

Miles will learn so much about keeping the human race alive. Will this lead to him learning so much that he chooses the train? Will he leave the Tailies behind?

Hopefully not! Layton and Josie are relying on him. And he’s spent more time with them than with Melanie and the Engine. He’s grown up hating First for everything they get—everything the Tail doesn’t get. He’s worked to get to this point, and I don’t think a little bit of interest from Melanie will lead to him turning.

Not just yet!

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