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Snowpiercer - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT
Snowpiercer - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT /

The war continues on the two-hour Snowpiercer Season 1 finale

The end of the last episode left us with a lot of questions. The rebellion attacked, but it wasn’t enough to take down the class system on the train. Will things be different on the Snowpiercer Season 1 finale?

This episode is a two-hour special. It’s actually two episodes that run back-to-back. They’re not actually connected, as a traditional two-part finale. However, you’ll be glad you get to watch both episodes together.

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It’s time for rebellion on the train. Melanie, who somehow gets free of imprisonment, will offer to help Layton, Third, and the Tail. The question is whether anyone wants Melanie to help. Her secrets did sort of lead to some of the uprisings. The people don’t trust her.

But she’s the one who knows the train. She’s also the one more than willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the majority of the human race survives. It sounds like that means cutting out some of the carriages on the train—seven if the title of the finale “994 Cars Long” is anything to judge.

It’s not going to be an easy decision for everyone on the train to make. Layton is an idealist and wants everyone to survive, but he’s got to be willing to send some of them to their deaths. And it may not be just First. Could there be some of his own people involved?

Once the fight has been won, what’s next? Can Layton keep control or will there be other rebellions that happen? One of the flaws when anyone plans a rebellion is that they don’t plan what they’re replacing the current leadership with. They don’t plan for after the rebellion, and this is one of those cases.

Check out the promo and synopsis for the Snowpiercer Season 1 finale:

"Snowpiercer 1×09 “Old Ways, Old Wars” – The rebel forces are on the ropes when a dangerous foe defects to their side. They hatch a final plan to take control of Snowpiercer once and for all, but it comes at a grave moral cost, and just may destroy them all.Snowpiercer 1×10 “994 Cars Long” (Season Finale) – In the revolution’s aftermath, Layton (Daveed Diggs) struggles to govern the shell-shocked survivors. Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) finally makes peace with her demons, only to realize the biggest threat to their survival is right over her shoulder."

Melanie reveals the truth about Mr. Wilford. dark. Next

Don’t miss out on the all-new episode of Snowpiercer. You can catch up on but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Sunday, July 12
Start Time: 9/8c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 9. “Old Ways, Old Wars”, Season 1, Episode 10, “994 Cars Long”
TV Channel: TNT
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2