Can Baby Ana now be found on The Alienist: Angel of Darkness?

Angel Of Darkness ph: Kata Vermes/TNT
Angel Of Darkness ph: Kata Vermes/TNT /

Has The Alienist: Angel of Darkness revealed Baby Ana’s kidnapper?

We seem to have solved the case on The Alienist: Angel of DarknessDoes this mean Baby Ana will be saved before it’s too late?

During the previous two episodes, Sara convinced Señora Linares to go through hypnosis to open up the blocked memories. It leads to the team finding out who at the hospital could be responsible for taking Baby Ana, and it’s not the ward girl they initially suspect.

However, is this really the person who took Baby Ana? Is there something else going on?

Libby is certainly keeping a few secrets

Toward the end of the second episode, Señora Linares revealed that there was a ward girl who watched Baby Ana suspiciously. Señora Linares never felt like this ward girl was there to protect Baby Ana but to hurt her.

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It wasn’t the young girl who had previously been a patient. Instead, it was Libby, who had already formed a connection with Sara.

The team got to the hospital but it was too late. Libby had tried to kill Bitsy and then ran from the hospital. The team could either help Bitsy or chase after Libby, and of course, they chose Bitsy.

That left Libby to run to the matron and kill her. However, it’s clear that Libby is suffering from some sort of mental illness.

Isn’t this a little too obvious?

There are four episodes left of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness. Haven’t we just solve the case a little too easily?

I don’t think Libby was involved with the kidnapping of Baby Ana. There’s just something about Libby’s personality that doesn’t suit it. She wouldn’t have been able to get into Señora Linares’s house without being seen or heard.

Baby Ana was taken by someone with more skill and experience. Libby is suffering from some sort of mental break but doesn’t seem to have the abilities to carry out everything that’s happened.

We also saw this with the first season. It looked like we were searching for one person, only to realize that the team was completely wrong. Well, not the team, as Dr. Kriezler had ruled the suspect out. They were looking for someone else not revealed until much closer to the end.

With four episodes still to go, it seems too obvious that it’s Libby. And the team will likely figure that out when they can’t find Baby Ana.

Is the bigger problem the hospital?

Alternatively, they may find Baby Ana. That doesn’t mean the case is over. This isn’t just about finding Baby Ana, anymore.

There’s a much bigger problem with Dr. Markoe’s hospital. Clearly something is going on, with Dr. Markoe taking babies and claiming they’ve been stillborn. He’s also making it impossible for these young women to have children again. He may think he’s doing “good,” but it’s a diabolical act on women who don’t even have a choice.

So, Baby Ana’s case may have been solved. Hopefully, it is. That doesn’t mean the bigger problem is over.

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