The Secrets She Keeps Episode 3: Does Agatha’s plan work out for her?

The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now
The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now /

Agatha sets out to steal a baby on The Secrets She Keeps Episode 3

The Secrets She Keeps is at the halfway point. With her “baby daddy” home and Meghan’s c-section date moved up, Agatha had to work much faster than she initially intended. Would her plan work out as she hoped?

With various disguises and knowledge of the hospital’s layout, Agatha had a plan in mind. He would go in through the front doors and change to look like a nurse, steal the baby, and then leave as a cleaning lady. However, with Hayden home and worried, there was the threat of the police being called in early.

Would her plan work out or would someone catch her along the way?

Plenty of moments it could have gone wrong

There were various moments where it looked like Agatha would be caught. One of those was when she hung out at the curtain to Meghan’s bed, waiting for Meghan to go for a shower. Someone walked into the section Agatha hung out in, which could have revealed her to the others.

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The next close call came when she was moving the baby from the ward to the elevator. Jack saw her and the baby, questioning where his child was going. With a quick “he needs blood tests” line, Jack didn’t think to question too much. He even chose not to go with her when she offered him that option. After all, saying “you can come with me” helps to settle many minds, right?

Finally, it was at the elevator, when a cleaning lady questioned Agatha being there and why Agatha didn’t have a key to work the service elevator. It looked like Agatha was going to have to kill the cleaning lady, but then the alarms sounded.

Would Jack catch up to Agatha?

With the alarms blaring, Agatha remained in the elevator to get to the basement. She knew that was the best way out of the hospital without being under suspicion. Walking out the front door would mean her bag on wheels, which was where the baby was being carried in secret, would be searched.

Meanwhile, Jack raced through the hospital to search for her. He got to someone with short hair in the style that Agatha’s nurse wig had been. However, it was an innocent woman with her own baby.

All the while, Agatha got out of the hospital through the basement door.

A deep secret from the past

While Agatha got away, it’s not over on The Secrets She Keeps. After all, now the search is on for Baby Ben/Baby Rory.

Yet, there’s clearly more to Agatha’s story. We know there was a stillborn child, but it turns out there was another pregnancy. Agatha had been raped by a member of a religious order and got pregnant from that. She wasn’t even allowed to hold the baby before the baby was taken away by the doctors.

Shunned by the church (and maybe her parents?), it’s clear that Agatha has a lot of trauma linked to babies. It’s getting easier to understand this obsession (not that it makes it right), and there’s clearly more to come from this.

While Agatha’s plan has worked out for now, Meghan is on a mission to get her baby back. The question is whether Meghan suspects Agatha or not.

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What will Meghan do next? Will she work out that it’s Agatha? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Secrets She Keeps airs Thursdays on Sundance Now.