Will Bulletproof be renewed for a third season?

Bulletproof Season 3 is already confirmed, but will The CW pick it up?

Bulletproof Season 3 is officially happening in a sort of way. At least, it is in the UK. Now the question is whether The CW will pick up the season.

Bulletproof was renewed by Sky One before Season 2 even premiered. On March 28, co-creator and co-star Noel Clarke shared on Twitter that the show was renewed for a third season. In fact, he also shared that the season had been filmed.

(Just a quick note of be careful scrolling through the replies on the Twitter post if you haven’t caught up with the finale yet. There is a spoiler as to what Pike chooses to do when it comes to his wife.)

Everything was finished just before lockdown out in South Africa, which means there shouldn’t be a delay for the premiere on Sky One. It’s not surprising considering the series is one of Sky One’s biggest shows. When Season 2 did return in April, it was the biggest returning show for the network.

The downside is Bulletproof Season 3 is going to be the shortest yet. This isn’t because of COVID-19, but all part of the plan. While Season 1 was six episodes and Season 2 was eight episodes, Season 3 will only be three episodes long. Clarke also referred to them as “episode specials.”

It sounds like it’s not a traditional season (or series as the UK refers to the individual seasons). That’s okay. At least there’s more of the hilarious duo.

Will The CW pick up the third season?

Just because Sky TV has renewed the show, doesn’t mean they will air in the U.S. We need The CW to acquire the seasons, which may not be a given depending on the contracts.

Sadly, the future on The CW seems a little rocky. Bulletproof Season 2 is down 56% in the demo and 41% in the total audience averages from the first season. It’s the lowest-performing summer show on the network.

This doesn’t mean the show isn’t going to be picked up. The CW doesn’t have to put as much money into the series since it doesn’t stump up the production costs. This can help to limit the downsides of lower figures.

We’ll just have to wait and see what The CW does, but the episodes are there if it wants them. We’re also still waiting to see if Burden of Truth Season 4 will also be picked up after being renewed in Canada.

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