The Secrets She Keeps: How will Jack react about Meghan’s affair?

The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of Sundance Now
The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of Sundance Now /

Will Jack learn about Meghan’s affair on The Secrets She Keeps?

During the penultimate episode of The Secrets She Keeps, Meghan learned about Jack’s affair. She’s not innocent in all this. How will Jack react when he learns about her affair?

Of course, the big question is whether Jack will ever learn about Meghan’s affair. Simon is certainly putting on the pressure to have a DNA test once baby Ben is found. He’s sure that Ben is his son, and he wants to do the right thing.

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That doesn’t mean Simon will get his way. Meghan has already learned that except for some circumstances, Simon isn’t going to be able to coerce Meghan into having a DNA test. All this may be a moot point. If Meghan doesn’t have a DNA test, assuming Ben is returned to Meghan by the end of the season, then Jack would have no reason to find out the truth.

Jack would lose his wife and a friend

While Meghan and Simon only had one night together, the betrayal is going to be a little harder for Jack to swallow than for Meghan. Jack isn’t just going to lose his wife in all this. He’ll lose his best friend, and there’s the chance Simon and Meghan could decide to get together and play happy families. Imagine the hurt for Jack when he’s going to see his own children.

Then there’s could be thoughts that Jack’s children aren’t is. He may start to doubt that Meghan was ever faithful. Would he believe it was just one night?

It’s in both Simon’s and Meghan’s best interests right now to keep things a secret. Does Simon really want to lose his best friend?

Will Jack even find out the truth?

With only one episode of The Secrets She Keeps and a focus on finding Ben, it’s hard to see how the show could write in Jack finding out that Meghan had an affair. If there were an extra couple of episodes, sure, but there just isn’t enough time to do this.

And it does keep it somewhat realistic. Not all affairs are revealed in life. Some people go decades not knowing the man they think is their father actually isn’t.

Meghan has already kept the affair secret. She’s trying to keep Simon away. There is certainly a chance that Meghan will choose never to tell Jack the truth. Whether she stays with Jack or not now that she’s found out about his affair is another thing.

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What do you think Jack will do? Will he even find out about Meghan’s affair in The Secrets She Keeps finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Secrets She Keeps airs its finale on Aug. 20 on Sundance Now.