5 questions that will need answering in The Secrets She Keeps finale

The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now
The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now /

These questions need by the end of The Secrets She Keeps finale

The Secrets She Keeps has certainly taken us on one wild ride. From the beginning, we knew one woman had secrets, but it turns out both women had dangerous secrets.

With the finale on Thursday, it seems almost impossible for all the storylines to be wrapped up in a neat bow. It doesn’t feel like we’ll get the answers to all our questions. So, with that in mind, which ones are the most important to get answers for?

Here are the five questions we need answering.

Will Jack learn about the affair?

Meghan is playing the victim. Her husband has had an affair and it’s out. Yet, she’s not entirely innocent. She had an affair, too.

In fact, Simon could be Ben’s biological father. Meghan clearly worries about that. It’s why she offered her DNA knowing Jack’s could reveal the full secret. Will Jack find out about the affair? If so, how is he going to react?

Will Hayden turn Aggie in?

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Hayden seems to have accepted that Baby Ben isn’t his child. He’s always had a feeling and he doesn’t like all the secrets Aggie has told. Now the police are likely after her due to the way she rushed out of that doctor’s office.

Will Hayden work with the police to catch Aggie? Has he fallen for her and the baby enough to want to run away with them?

Who was the troll?

We still haven’t got to the bottom of the troll. It seemed like it was something Agatha was doing, but could it have been the real estate agent jealous that Jack was staying with his wife?

Is this something we’ll even find out about in The Secrets She Keeps finale? Considering everything else that is happening, will the troll just always be one of those unanswered questions?

Who do those babies really belong to?

Agatha doesn’t just visit one grave. There are three in that gravesite she’s created. Three babies that have died.

We know Agatha didn’t have children with Nicky. In fact, he seemed surprised that Agatha had managed to get pregnant. He also didn’t believe her about her stories. Is it possible that this isn’t the first time Agatha has stolen babies? Who do the others belong to?

What will Agatha do to Baby Ben?

After seeing the graves and Agatha’s reaction, will Ben make it out of all this alive? Will he be reunited with his parents? That’s the biggest question for the entire series.

It looks like whatever Aggie has done before has managed to remain quiet. She hasn’t been suspected before, which is why she’s not now. She’s never had to go as far as the police being on her back. How far will a desperate woman go to keep the baby?

dark. Next. Is Aggie a danger to Baby Ben?

What questions do you need answering in The Secrets She Keeps finale? Share in the comments below.

The Secrets She Keeps finale airs on Thursday on Sundance Now.