The Secrets She Keeps finale ending explained

The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now
The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now /

What happened at the end of The Secrets She Keeps?

For five episodes, we’ve watched Aggie stalk and steal a baby. The Secrets She Keeps brought the story to an end, but was it a happy ending for anyone?

The penultimate episode certainly left us with many concerns. Aggie hadn’t just lost one child but three, and there were many questions about where these children came from. Would it suggest that something bad would happen to Ben?

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That was Meghan’s concern when she learned of Aggie’s past. Aggie had kidnapped the babies and they died. Whether Aggie had done something or not remained unknown, but it was suggested they died of natural causes. Aggie wanted to raise a baby.

But even with the knowledge of the babies, Meghan still needed to get her baby back. Aggie wasn’t willing to cooperate with the police, so what happened at the end of The Secrets She Keeps?

Meghan takes matters into her own hands

Feeling like the police wouldn’t get Aggie to cooperate, Meghan switched phones and took the police one. It gave her a chance to get in touch with Aggie, who had headed to a location that definitely wasn’t the one Hayden told the police about.

Before Meghan got to Aggie, Hayden did. He offered to take baby Ben and hand the child back to police. Aggie would have the chance to escape, and Hayden would help with that. You see, he’d fallen in love with both Aggie and the baby.

Aggie refused to do that. Instead, she waited for Meghan. As Meghan got to the real location, the police realized Meghan had switched phones. It didn’t take long for the police to track the location.

Aggie agreed to let Meghan hold and feed Baby Ben. Realizing that there was no way out, Aggie aimed a gun at Meghan and Ben. She then turned the gun on herself, deciding there was no other way out. Just then, armed police turned up.

We just watch Meghan’s face as there’s a shot heard. Did Aggie kill herself or was she killed by the police?

Aggie survives on The Secrets She Keeps

The show didn’t opt for a traditional ending. It turns out the police shot Aggie, but in the shoulder. It gave the police time to arrest Aggie.

The last we see her is in a prison cell, where her voiceover says the police took away her choice to die.

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Meghan gets her baby back

It’s a happy ending for Meghan. She’s decided to forgive Jack for his affair, likely because she realizes that she’s not all that innocent. She hasn’t told Jack about her affair, though.

Instead, Meghan agrees to do a DNA test for Simon’s sake. She switches the tests though, giving Simon the DNA she’d taken from her son. She doesn’t want to know the real truth, and she certainly doesn’t want Simon to come back with demands to see Ben.

Meghan just wants to focus on being a family of five. There’s the hint of a happy ending for the family on The Secrets She Keeps finale.

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What did you think of The Secrets She Keeps? Did enough storylines get wrapped up in the finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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