Coroner: Has Jenny made a huge mistake with the press conference?

Coroner -- "Quick or Dead" -- Image Number: COR104_1001r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Serinda Swan as Dr. Jenny Cooper and Nigel Bennett as Bryan De Silva -- Photo: © 2020 Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc.
Coroner -- "Quick or Dead" -- Image Number: COR104_1001r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Serinda Swan as Dr. Jenny Cooper and Nigel Bennett as Bryan De Silva -- Photo: © 2020 Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. /

Has Jenny made too many enemies on Coroner Season 1?

If there’s one thing we can say about Jenny Cooper on Coroner, it’s that she knows how to get the job done. At the same time, it looks like she’s making a few enemies.

Now, Jenny doesn’t care about that right now. All she cares about is getting justice for the victims and to save people in the future. The problem is she potentially puts some dangerous people back on the streets.

Has Jenny made a mistake by making such an announcement in a press conference? Was there another way she could have taken action?

Jenny is angry at the deaths that have happened

Dr. Ian Peterson was a terrible coroner. He didn’t really care about finding the right person (or helping the police find the right person) but wanted to make his job as easy as possible. The problem is that it led to criminals remaining on the street and they killed again. They nearly killed Jenny’s son.

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Understandably, Jenny is angry. Some of the people who Dylan killed would have still been alive had Dr. Peterson done his job right.

So, it’s no wonder she wants to reopen his cases.

But there are better ways to do it than just announce it in a press conference. Making it so public right now has potentially led to criminals being let out on the streets. Right now, Jenny doesn’t care, but she may want to care if someone dies because of an appeal that falls on the side of the convict.

Jenny needed to do this by the book

There was a better way to do something like this. Instead of making it clear through a press conference, Jenny could have turned to the right people in the department to discuss reopening the cases.

Donovan would have known that this was on her mind. Her boss certainly knows that it was on her mind. Her boss warned her against it.

However, Jenny could have done things without the press hearing about it all on Coroner Season 1, Episode 4.

Not all those convicted due to Peterson’s cases would have been the wrong people. Not all of them would have been innocent people. Not all of them would have victims still out on the street.

The best place to start would have been with the deaths that were determined as suicides or accidents. This would prevent the risk of the guilty looking for appeals.

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Having a flawed lead character on Coroner is good

What I will say is that Jenny making this decision is a good thing. She’s gaining confidence to do what she believes is right. In just four episodes, we’ve seen her take charge more and more. She’s standing up for what she believes is right.

That doesn’t mean she’s always going to make the right decisions. She is human, after all. We often see men make these decisions after emotional cases, but they’re often given a pass. When women make these decisions, they’re told that they are emotional decisions. Hopefully, we can all just accept that Jenny is human, and her decisions came from the right place but were possibly done in the wrong way.

We can still adore Jenny even if she’s made some mistakes. In fact, she becomes even more relatable because of it.

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What do you think of Jenny’s decision at the end of Coroner Season 1, Episode 4? Did she make a mistake? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Coroner airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.