Magnum PI season 2 is now available on DVD

Magnum PI season 2 is now available to own on DVD.

The latest season of Magnum PI has just been released on DVD by CBS Home Entertainment, and everything you need to know about the DVD set is in our Magnum PI season 2 DVD review.

Season 2 consisted of 20 episodes that originally aired in two parts—the first 14 last fall and then another half-dozen this spring. They included one crossover with Hawaii Five-0 and several guest spots by NFL players in different cases of the week.

While there’s not a premiere date for the third season, CBS has put the second season out anyway so that fans can catch up for whenever that might be. It’s currently available for $36.96 through Amazon.

Magnum PI season 2 DVD details

The 20 episodes of the latest season are available as a five-disc DVD collection, with four to five episodes available on each disc. All of the bonus features can be found on the fifth disc.

Magnum PI is presented in 16:9 widescreen with a Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track—basically what’s standard for most TV on DVD releases.

This season has one audio track, In English, and subtitles for TV crime drama fans that are hard of hearing. No other languages are supported.

Is Magnum PI season 2 available on Blu-Ray?

No. There is no Magnum PI season 2 Blu-Ray release planned as of this writing. That should not come as a surprise, since the first season of the Jay Hernandez-led remake didn’t get a Blu-Ray version either.

For viewers who don’t need the physical media, there is a digital version available via Amazon Video for significantly cheaper than the DVD set ($19.99). However, that doesn’t include any of the extras that this DVD version does.

Magnum PI season 2 DVD special features

As far as extras go, CBS has served up a pretty healthy spread for this collection. The other half of the Hawaii Five-0 crossover is included so viewers don’t need to buy a separate DVD set to watch the entire event.

Also included is a general making-of featurette called “Better Together” that takes fans behind the scenes of the season, a video diary shot by star Stephen Hill (who plays T.C.), and an assortment of deleted scenes and bloopers.

Nothing here is a must-watch, but it’s a good assortment that covers almost everything that fans would want from a TV on DVD release, and honestly more than is included on most TV sets these days. If you’re a fan of Magnum PI you’ll enjoy these bonuses that add a little something to your viewing of the second season.

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Magnum PI season 2 can be ordered on DVD now through Amazon.