All the TV crime dramas coming to Acorn TV in October 2020

Rachelle Lefevre as Maggie in The Sounds. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Acorn TV.)
Rachelle Lefevre as Maggie in The Sounds. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Acorn TV.) /

Acorn TV has plenty of TV crime dramas to check out in October 2020

We’re heading into the scariest month of the year. That should mean a lot of thrilling TV crime dramas, right?

You’re in luck when it comes to Acorn TV. The streamer that brings all things British, Canadian, Australian, European, and more is bringing a fresh slate of TV crime dramas. Whether you want weekly installments or something bingeable, you’re covered.

Here’s a look at all the TV crime dramas coming to Acorn TV in October 2020.

The Sounds finale

The final two episodes of The Sounds will air in October. It all started with a Canadian couple heading to New Zealand to start a new life. Little did Maggie realize but she was going to end up with a mystery on her hands. It’s time to find out what happened to her husband, Tom, when he went out kayaking that day. What secrets is the sleepy town hiding?

The episodes will air on Monday Oct. 5 and Oct. 12.


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Next up is a drama for the movie fans. The 2010 movie heads to New Zealand to cover a fictionalized version of one of the country’s evilist crimes known. Dr. Colin Bouwer is the Head of Psychiatry at Otago Hospital. He committed what he believed was the perfect murder, and would have got away with it had it not been for a young consultant physician, Andrew Bowers.

The movie is available on Monday, Oct. 5.

The Gulf

If you’re looking for a bingeable series, you’re covered from the start of the month. All six episodes of The Gulf drop together. Set in New Zealand, Detective Jess Savage has to deal with a case of her own. A car crash killed her husband and she has no memory of it. Now she needs to uncover the truth, sure that someone tried to kill her. Was it murder or is she just paranoid?

The Gulf is available to stream from Monday, Oct. 5.

Mystery Road Season 2

For those who prefer to watch weekly, The Sounds isn’t the only show on Acorn TV. Mystery Road Season 2 premieres during the month, with two episodes to kick us off. Aaron Pedersen is back as Detective Jay Swan, and we’re back in the Australian outback. During this season, Jay teams up with Constable Fran Davis to investigate a crime. When an archaeologist uncovers something that could help, she decides to conceal her dig site to prevent it from being shut down. What does that mean for the case and for the archaeologis?

The episodes air Mondays, starting with the first two episodes on Oct. 12.

Darkness: Those Who Kill

Still want TV crime dramas you can binge-watch? You’re good with Darkness: Those Who Kill. This Danish crime drama focuses on a duo of investigators looking into brutal murders. They use classic techniques and psychological leads to help them find their murders, making it a little like Criminal Minds.

In this first season, Detective Jan Michelsen believes that 17-year-old Julie is still alive despite being abducted six months ago. Jan is desperate to keep the case alive, digging into cold cases to find the missing girl. Fresh evidence picks up a body in the lake that could be connected to the same person who abducted Julie, but that happened 10 years ago.

All eight episodes are available on Monday, Oct. 19.

How to Murder Your Wife

Finally, we have a black comedy, but it is based on a true story. Alfred Benning is a mild-mannered animal welfare inspector. Howeverm in 1977, he killed his overbearing wife and cut her into six pieces to try to conceil the body. It didn’t work, and the movie takes us on the bizarre tale of murder.

The movie is available to stream from Monday, Oct. 26.

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What are you watching on Acorn TV next month? Which TV crime dramas stand out the most to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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