5 TV crime dramas to watch this week: Sept. 28 to Oct. 2

We Got This -- Courtesy of Peter Cederling/Sundance Now
We Got This -- Courtesy of Peter Cederling/Sundance Now /

We Got This is one of the TV crime dramas to watch this week

It’s a new week, and that means time for a new list of TV crime dramas to watch. Here are the top five picks for the week.

There is something across broadcast TV and streaming services this week. Some of them are finales or looks at past crimes, while others are fun murder mysteries to follow. Here are the five TV crime dramas to watch from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2.

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We Got This

Let’s start with the dramedy We Got This on Sundance Now. The penultimate episode airs on Thursday, with the finale airing next week. This is your chance to catch up on all episodes so far, ready for the finale.

For those who have missed it so far, the series is about a man who heads to Sweden after his father dies. Lumbered with his father’s tax debt, he needs to find a way to raise the money. When he finds out there’s a reward for someone who solves the mystery of the death of a prime minister, he decides to head out on the trail to collect the reward.

Mysteries Decoded

The CW doesn’t have many traditional TV crime dramas, but it does touch on true crime and on some fictional crime now and then. You’re in a lot of luck this week with the release of Mysteries Decoded‘s new episode. It’s the update on the Salem Witch Trials.

The Witch Trials is one of the biggest crimes in history. Multiple women and some men were convicted of witchcraft and killed, but they were unlikely to be witches. Jennifer Marshall delves into the reasons why the town turned on the women.

The episode airs on Thursday at 8/7c.

Tell Me a Story

Another great addition to The CW has been Tell Me a Story. The finale airs this week, with all the fairytales coming together in some sort of way.

There are three crimes happening. One involves money, one involves a dirty cop, and one involves a killer. How will they all end?

The previous episodes are on The CW App. You can also watch them on CBS All Access.

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The Sounds

Acorn TV is the next place to turn. The final two episodes of The Sounds will air throughout October, so you need to get yourself caught up. With little back on broadcast TV right now, this is the perfect timing.

Rachelle Lefevre offers a stunning performance as Maggie, a woman who is just searching for her missing husband. Sadly, the small town isn’t the most helpful in finding him and there are a few skeletons in various closets.


Finally, you’ll want to turn your attention to Netflix. The first season of Evil is now available to binge-watch. Sure, it’s been on CBS All Access, but you may not have that streamer because Netflix has almost everything. Now it as the supernatural crime drama that got more intense by the episode.

This certainly works well as a binge-watch. It’s one of those shows that has a bunch of clues that will become clearer the more you watch. It drops on Netflix on Oct. 1.

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Which TV crime dramas are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.