Coroner: Ross sees all the doors closed to him right now

Ross continues to struggle without direction on Coroner Season 2, Episode 2

Since the beginning of the series, Ross has struggled in life. He was struggling before Coroner got started, but his dad’s death made it all the more harder.

And that’s not surprising. The death of a parent at any age is hard. The death of a parent at 17 is traumatic, especially the way Ross’s dad died. Jenny has been so focused on her own mental health (necessary to continue being a good mom) that she’s not seen the signs that her son needs her.

It all came to a head on Coroner Season 2, Episode 2. Ross finally admitted to his mom that he failed high school. Everything he said to her about college was a lie. That’s the worst part. He just kept lying to his mom. She trusted him and was proud of him, and he doesn’t even seem that bad for lying.

Now he’s seeing just what not graduating from high school means. Without that high school diploma, he can’t get many jobs, including a job as a security guard that he is interested in.

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Is this the turning point for Ross on Coroner?

I want to say that Ross has learned his lesson, but it’s never as simple as that in life, is it? Ross probably won’t even think too much about his future. Part of me wonders if he even thinks he has a future.

There is still a lot that he hasn’t faced. He’s grieving his dad still, and there may be a fear that he could die from an aneurism just like his dad. One day your life seems perfect, and the next it’s over.

On top of that, he learned his parents’ marriage wasn’t even a happy one. They were on the verge of separating, which is also hard for children to cope with.

Coroner hasn’t taken the easy road yet when it comes to mental health. We’ve watched Jenny struggling with depression and anxiety, and Liam is struggling with PTSD. Then there’s Jenny’s dad who has dementia. The show has already done such a wonderful job in the portrayals of mental illness that there’s more to come for Ross, and it’s not going to be good.

For now, it looks like some of his life is on the up. He’s got a job at least. It’s a start.

What do you think of Ross’s story on Coroner? What do you think is next for him? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Coroner airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.