One Lane Bridge: Is Kate covering for someone?

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One Lane Bridge -- Courtesy of Sundance Now /

What is Kate hiding on One Lane Bridge Episode 5?

We’re onto the penultimate episode of One Lane Bridge. This should be the time for some big clues about the end, but instead, we seem to have one more red herring.

Kate has turned herself into the police. She thinks she killed Grub that night. The evidence seems to add up, right? The problem is Ariki doesn’t seem to think this is really the case.

He was quick to point out that Kate said she didn’t remember a thing from that night. Now, all of a sudden, she remembers everything so clearly? Anyone who loses their memory when drinking heavily knows that one thing doesn’t just jog the memory. More often than not, it leads to just more questions from the black hole.

So, Kate is lying about something. Is it that she didn’t remember or that she did it?

Kate has played the doting widow this whole time

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Honestly, it never occurred to me to suspect Kate. Things didn’t seem to go together for it to be her. Okay, we never get to know the full stories until closer to the end, but the way she acted when she thought Charlotte was having an affair with Grub made it clear that she didn’t suspect him of cheating.

They may certainly have been having marital problems. That isn’t too surprising with her drinking problem, but that doesn’t mean she thought he was having an affair.

While giving her statement, she even says that she wanted to do the lock ceremony on the bridge. It was her way of saying she wanted to make things work. Grub was the one who didn’t want to do it.

Things just aren’t adding up right now.

It’s got to come back to the farm on One Lane Bridge

There’s all this focus on the farm and on selling it. There’s no way this doesn’t have something to do with Grub’s death in the end.

Kate wants to sell the farm. She’s made it clear that she isn’t interested in running it. Jackie is the one who has decided not to sell the farm, and it all comes back to her dad.

Does anyone know what Grub wanted? Did he want to sell the farm and move on? There would be certainly people against his thoughts. Could they have been strong enough to kill him?

I don’t think Kate did it, but she is covering for someone.

We’ll find out the truth next week on the One Lane Bridge finale.

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How do you think it will all end? Did Kate do it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

One Lane Bridge finale airs on Thursday, Oct. 22 on Sundance Now.