5 TV crime dramas you need to watch this week: Oct. 19 to 23

Coroner Season 2 -- Courtesy of Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc./The CW
Coroner Season 2 -- Courtesy of Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc./The CW /

There are plenty of TV crime dramas to watch this week, Oct. 19-23

There is plenty to watch on TV this week. Whether you love fictional or true-crime dramas, we have you covered. It’s time to pick the top TV crime dramas of the week.

We’re covering our basis for all types of viewers. Whether you want a binge-watch or just one episode, whether you prefer unsolved mysteries or the case wrapped up quickly, there’s something for you. We even have a foreign-language offering.

Here are the five TV crime dramas you need to watch between Oct. 19 and 23.


We’ll start with an ongoing TV crime drama that is doing well in the ratings on The CW. Coroner Season 2, Episode 3 airs this week, and this episode involves the death of a lab assistant. Jenny’s focus is too personal on the case, which could cause problems for the team overall. Will she need to step aside?

You can watch the new episode on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at 9/8c on The CW.

LA’s Finest

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You can start your TV crime drama viewing tonight with LA’s Finest on FOX. After a week off, we’re back with Syd and McKenna. The two need to get Knox’s drugs into evidence, but things are made harder when a ghost from the past shows up for Syd. McKenna also has to deal with her stepdaughter going off the rails.

Watch the new episode tonight at 8/7c on FOX.

Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2

The second set of episodes for Unsolved Mysteries are now available to binge-watch on Netflix. There are six more episodes, with six cases to solve. Some of these episodes go international, and there’s hope that one viewer will be able to spot something that nobody else has done before. Sometimes, it just takes a set of new eyes.

Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2 is now on Netflix.

My Family Secrets Revealed

Another docuseries is My Family Secrets Revealed. This show doesn’t just focus on true crime, but just on secrets in general. Some people do have murdering skeletons in the closet, though. All 15 episodes will see individuals follow the clues to figure out the hidden secrets in the families.

You can watch all episodes on BritBox on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Darkness: Those Who Kill

Finally, we turn to the Danish series, Darkness: Those Who Kill. This is another binge-watch that focuses on Jan Michelsen and Louise Bergstein, who hunt down a serial killer after a number of women disappear. They use traditional methods and psychological clues to figure out who the killer is, and this case may be connected to a cold case from a decade earlier.

You can watch all episodes on Acorn TV right now.

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Which TV crime dramas are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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