One Lane Bridge Episode 6 ending explained: Who was the killer?

One Lane Bridge -- Courtesy of Sundance Now
One Lane Bridge -- Courtesy of Sundance Now /

Breaking down the big reveals in the One Lane Bridge finale

One Lane Bridge came to an unsatisfying conclusion. While there were still a few questions left unanswered, we at least found out who killed Grub.

There were quite a few red herrings all the way to the end. As Ariki got closer to the truth, he started seeing visions of Stephen on the bridge. Then he found money hidden in Stephen’s house and the tooth from Grub’s hand in Stephen’s drawer. Naturally, Ariki started to suspect his boss of killing Grub.

However, it wasn’t Stephen. While on a hunt day with some of the locals, Ariki saw Jack try to take a potshot at Dermot. Ariki saved Dermot’s life, which led to the big reveal.

Dermot accidentally killed Grub

It turned out that Dermot was the one on the bridge to do the lock ceremony with Grub, not Kate. The two of them got in an argument when Grub revealed that he wanted to sell the farm. Dermot couldn’t cope with that, his whole life being spent on the farm.

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We’d seen how various members of the Ryders and Braithwaites handled the news of selling the farm. Some were more than happy to move on, while others couldn’t bear to leave their home. It’s not surprising that Dermot would react negatively to the idea.

However, as they fought, Grub fell over the railings and onto the rocks below. While it was made to sound like an accident, Stephen and Ariki had no choice but to arrest him. Dermot wasn’t going to let that happen, though, killing himself.

Ariki still told Stephen about Jack attempting to shoot Dermot. Stephen should have arrested the man, but decided to rule the death as a hunting accident. Easier paperwork?

Really, it just shows that Stephen isn’t in the right job. He’s more than happy to cover up everything.

Questions still left unanswered on One Lane Bridge

While the episode did wrap up the majority of questions, there were still many answers it didn’t give. It wasn’t a satisfying conclusion to the story. Not completely.

Somehow, the gecko was linked to Lois. She had a tattoo of the gecko on the back of her neck. But the connection was never explained.

Then there was the tooth. How did Grub end up with it in his hand and why did Stephen keep the evidence in his drawer? Stephen didn’t really care, but is there more to that story?

Maybe there is, and Stephen knew that everything could fall apart around him. Maybe that’s why Stephen hanged himself from the bridge at the very end of the episode.

Yes, Ariki kayaked down the river to under the bridge, where he saw Stephen hanging. That was why Stephen kept seeing Stephen’s ghost on the bridge. It was his gift telling him that something was going to happen and Ariki did nothing to stop it.

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