Coroner gives us a heartbreaking look at PTSD

Coroner Season 2 -- Courtesy of Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc./The CW
Coroner Season 2 -- Courtesy of Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc./The CW /

Coroner’s look at PTSD wasn’t just about Liam on Season 2

During the first season of Coroner, we got a hint at Liam’s PTSD. Coroner Season 2 has focused on it even more. In the third episode, it wasn’t just about Liam’s battle with the mental illness.

In the episode, Liam got a text from his friend Mal, who had decided not to come to a training session. At first, it seemed a little odd but not too bad. Subsequent texts immediately made Liam worried. The request to look after his cat set off all the alarm bells.

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When Liam got to Mal’s apartment, he had to break down the door to get in. He found exactly what he’d feared he would. Mal had tried to kill himself. And I say try because it seems like he didn’t quite manage it and Liam got him to the hospital.

While it affects Liamia, it’s not just about him in this moment. Coroner has given us a look at how PTSD sufferers don’t talk about it. They won’t even share with those who will understand. There remains a stigma around the topic, leading to many people not seeking help.

It’s not just about soldiers, either. Everyone who has suffered some sort of trauma can face PTSD. The brain can’t distinguish between the past and present. People worry that the same thing will happen again based on the knowledge of it already happening.

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People are very good at masking their problems

Liam didn’t sense that Mal was suffering to the point of considering suicide. While the first text was concerning, it was mostly over the shoulder injury Mal said he had. His mind didn’t initially jump to the idea that Mal was in danger of himself. It was only the subsequent texts that alerted Liam to a huge problem.

Coroner reminds us that people mask their problems. Some are much better at it than others. Mal is clearly good at it, offering the help but never talking about it or raising suspicion.

Masking it is one of the worst things a person can do. They feel this stigma around it, and then don’t feel like they can talk to people about their problems. These people are more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope, leading to their demons showing up again and again. They then drink more since they don’t want to burden their problems on others.

Eventually, it leads to them taking their own lives. Or trying to, in Mal’s case. Not all will eventually go through with it, but many certainly do.

Mal even put on his uniform and used his service weapon. This is common. Much of the time, the sufferers want people to remember them as the soldiers they were, and they’re still proud of the time they served, even with all the bad that happened.

Mal suffered in silence. It’s so important for sufferers to talk, and Coroner isn’t afraid to shine a light on this topic.

The topic of PTSD isn’t over. Liam is suffering and it’s only going to get worse. Is he ready to talk about it?

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Coroner Season 2 airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW.