Blue Lights Season 2 finale ending explained: Who killed Dixon?

The final two episodes of Blue Lights Season 2 saw lives put on the line as tensions rose high in Mount Eden. We did find out who killed Dixon, though.
Blue Lights Series 2,First Look,First Look,Lee Thompson (SEAMUS O’HARA) and Mags (SEÁNA KERSLAKE),Two Cities Television,Christopher Barr
Blue Lights Series 2,First Look,First Look,Lee Thompson (SEAMUS O’HARA) and Mags (SEÁNA KERSLAKE),Two Cities Television,Christopher Barr /

From the second episode of Blue Lights Season 2, we had one question. Who killed Dixon? All the answers came out in the Season 2 finale.

The first episode of the hour brought some bigger questions. At the end of Episode 5, Henry found a gun and shot at Stevie and Grace in their cop car. Fortunately, Episode 6 picked up with the two cops unharmed, but this escalated into something bigger for Mount Eden.

Seeing that Henry still had the gun, Stevie drew his. However, Grace realized that they needed to put the guns away to keep Henry calm. He didn’t mean to shoot at the cops, but they had to take it seriously. Of course, it was all caught on camera, and only the parts that would create an angry mob to turn up.

A riot started out in Blue Lights Season 2

Lee saw footage of the video and said that it needed to be spread around. Of course, there was a propaganda angle. Make it look like the cops pulled out their weapons on a kid with a toy gun. It worked as well.

As the cops worked on getting evidence from the house to help them in their investigations, a mob formed and it turned into a dangerous riot. Rab, Mags and Lee’s uncle, was caught with one of the Molotov cocktails. Stevie tried to put out the flames and revive Rab, but it was in vain. It did lead to the riot dispersing, though.

While the riots went on, the cops at the station attempted to get Lee and his friend McQuarrie on all sorts of charges, including possessing an illegal firearm. It wasn’t illegal, though.

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Blue Lights Series 2,First Look,First Look,Stevie Neil (MARTIN MCCANN) and Grace Ellis (SIÂN BROOKE),Two Cities Television,Christopher Barr /

Linking the crimes to McQuarrie in the Blue Lights Season 2 finale

Tommy was the one to help get to the bottom of everything. Camera footage of the night Dixon died led to Tommy realizing that a scarf used by the military in Afghanistan was used. There was a similar scarf found on the body of Ian Campbell in the first episode of the season, and then another found in McQuarrie’s home.

It was enough to bring McQuarrie back into the police station. He confessed to the murder of Dixon but made it clear that he acted on his own accord. Lee had nothing to do with it. That meant the cops could take McQuarrie down, but not Lee.

Lee didn’t get off scot-free, though. Mags told Grace about Lee doing a dodgy deal with Canning. It was everything the cops needed to deal with Canning, who clearly had his own bias and issues. While he wasn’t suspended in the episode, it’s clear that his career path isn’t the success he thought it should be. It was nice to see his smug grin wiped off.

With that, Lee returned to his pub to find his guys gone and Mags making everyone aware he was behind the petrol bomb at Dixon’s home that almost killed Dixon’s girlfriend and kid. Nobody was happy with that, leading to him being shunned.

Happy got answers, although Jen wasn’t happy

Trainee solicitor Jen had spent the season investigating a 1978 chip shop bombing. Happy Kelly was offered £80,000 to stay quiet about it all and the investigation was closed. Happy was fine with that. He could use the “blood money” to help others, and he donated it all to the soup kitchen he volunteered at. This would also keep Jen safe.

Well, Jen wasn’t having it. She found retired RUC Special Branch Officer Robin Graham, who shared with Happy that he could have prevented Happy’s dad and brother from dying that day. Instead, he protected his informant, who would later go on to save dozens of other lives.

Was it worth it? He didn’t think so. Robin hated having to make such life-or-death situations. Happy ended up forgiving Robin for his part in the whole thing. With the truth for them out, it’s time for them to move forward in life.

In the end, it looks like it’s business as usual. Shane is still around, with Annie forgiving him for what he did but not willing to make the same mistake again. Tommy and Aisling are enjoying their time together. Sandra chose to withdraw her resignation.

At the very end, we watched Grace rush out to Stevie and go home with him. So, they are together now? It looks like it!

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