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Angel Of Darkness ph: Kata Vermes/TNT
Angel Of Darkness ph: Kata Vermes/TNT /

It’s a race against time for the team on The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

Episodes 3 and 4 of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness air tonight. It’s a race against time for the team to find Baby Ana.

Since the premiere, there’s been one thought on the team’s mind. They need to get to Baby Ana. But figuring out who the killer could be is taking time. And it’s time they don’t have.

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It doesn’t help that they have people working against them, and some of them are supposed to be the “good” guys. Of course, there are the good guys and those that want to just look like they’re good, and the former police commissioner is the latter. Needless to say, he’s likely to get in the way again during tonight’s episode.

Meanwhile, the killer/kidnapper strikes again. Another baby goes missing, which puts Baby Ana’s life further on the line. The last time the killer took a baby, a murdered one turned up in a toy store of all places! It’s something that will certainly be on the team’s mind.

There is a chance they can get a headstart on something when a nurse may be willing to disclose a few things. Will it be the same nurse who witnessed the doctor deliver a healthy baby and tell the nurse to say the baby had died?

Episode 4 will see a ball to celebrate John Moore’s engagement to Violet. Things are going to get a little awkward when Violet sees Sara at the party and likely realizes the connection between Sara and John. Will their relationship start to go further? The promo for the season certainly looks it.

The problem is John is going to make enemies of the wrong people. Violet’s godfather, William Randolph Hearst already isn’t impressed with John’s attitude towards Violet, such as leaving the dinner early during the previous episode. With his money and status, he could certainly cause a lot of problems.

Check out the promo and synopses for The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Episodes 3 and 4.

"Episode 3: Sara persuades a young nurse to disclose what happens behind closed doors; Kreizler is convinced that hypnosis might unlock the traumatic memories of Señora Linares; Moore introduces Sara to a well-connected friend.Episode 4: The team must locate baby Ana; Sara worries about Bitsy Sussman; William Randolph Hearst hosts a lavish ball celebrating his goddaughter’s engagement to Moore."

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