Watch The Alienist: Angel of Darkness two-hour finale live

The Alienist: Angel Of Darkness -- ph: Kata Vermes/TNT
The Alienist: Angel Of Darkness -- ph: Kata Vermes/TNT /

Don’t miss the two-hour finale of The Alienist Season 2

Can you believe we’re onto The Alienist: Angel of Darkness finale already? This is one of the downsides of two episodes per week. We very quickly get to the end of the season!

This two-hour finale event is not going to be one you want to miss. Not only do we see if the team can catch Libby, but we find out if all of them will make it out alive.

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The promo for The Alienist Season 2’s finale doesn’t look promising. There’s a moment that Libby is holding a knife to John’s throat. Sara has a gun pointed at Libby, pleading with her to let John go. Is there any way of getting through to Libby when she is so far gone?

Of course, to get to this point, we need to see how the team will even find Libby. The last we left her, she was on the rooftop showing “her child” the bridge that her father had hung himself from. The team had found the hidden room at Libby’s house, but hadn’t made it to the new family in time to warn them of the baby snatcher.

Thomas Byrne has been told he’s working for Sara and the others. He answers to them and not the other way around, which is certainly not something he’ll be happy about. It’s not surprising that he wants to betray them. His narcissistic personality won’t let him just accept that there are people better skilled than him.

He’ll likely turn the police against the team. With the underground gang a problem too, the team is going to be in a race against time to preserve innocent lives. Can they solve the case?

Check out the promo and synopses for The Alienist: Angel of Darkness finale.

"Episode 7: Sara, Kreizler and Moore travel to Brooklyn in search of clues hidden in the killer’s dark past; Thomas Byrnes plans to double-cross the team as the killer’s behaviour becomes more and more unhinged.Episode 8: While Sara Moore and Kreizler struggle with decisions about their future paths, New York is in the grips of an all-out manhunt for the killer; the team must overcome the wrath of the police and an underworld gang to save innocent lives."

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Date: Sunday, Aug. 9
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TV Channel: TNT
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